Tories’ own Facebook ad warns that Lib Dems may win more seats than them

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Conservative advert warns they could become third-largest party

The Tories’ own Facebook election adverts now suggest the party is more concerned about remaining a credible opposition party to Labour, and abandoning hopes of winning the election.

The Conservative Party is currently spending around £2,300 on four adverts, which include a graph suggesting the party could fall to just 57 seats, its worst result in its near-300-year history.

Meanwhile they warn Labour could win 490 seats, with the Liberal Democrats becoming the official opposition with 61 seats.

Up to 200,000 Facebook users so far have seen the advert, which aims to warn those flirting with Reform UK not to let Keir Starmer win a landslide majority.

The ad VoiceOver warns: “The more votes for Reform, the LibDems, or anyone else, will hand Labour 100 extra seats, giving Keir Starmer the largest majority Labour have ever had”.

British Prime Minister Sunak announced the 'General Election Manifesto' of the Conservative Party

Some think the Tories are now battling to remain the official opposition in the next parliament (Image: Getty)

“With Reform still winning no seats at all. With the LibDems on board with everything Keir Starmer wants to do, a vote for Reform or the LibDems mean you’ll have no one holding Keir Starmer to account on your behalf.

“This means you’ll be handing him a blank cheque to spend on anything he wants with no control over what it will cost you.”

It concludes by asking: “Are you sure that’s what you want to vote for?”

The attack ad has left many viewers with the impression that the Conservatives are now merely fighting to remain the official opposition in the next parliament, and avoid being wiped out altogether.

The Tories are warning that Reform could hand Labour 100 extra seats

The Tories are warning that Reform could hand Labour 100 extra seats (Image: Facebook)

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On Newsnight last night, political editor Nick Watt said that senior LibDems in the last few days had begun taking very seriously the possibility that they could overtake the Conservatives if Nigel Farage takes enough of their votes, and become the official opposition.

He recounted: “I put that prospect to a senior LibDem a few weeks ago and they said ‘that’s completely mad, that’s not going to happen”.

“I was talking to a veteran LibDem today, talking about that and they were saying ‘we are now beginning to think of that scenario. This person has been to five constituencies that the LibDems are targeting, and found just three people prepared to vote Conservative.”

Nodding along, outgoing Tory MP Paul Scully warned that merely targeting the Tory core vote will put off swing voters and leave the party floundering.

Responding to the desperate Tory election advert, a Reform UK spokesman told the Express: “You can smell the rank stench of morbidity ooze from the Tories’ every utterance”.

“Desperate men desperate times, just plain desperation.”

A Tory candidate told the Financial Times that his strategy is now turning to one of getting enough Conservative MPs elected to be an “effective opposition”.

A Conservative party representative said: “The only thing we’ll concede is that a vote for any other party is a vote for Keir Starmer.”

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