Nigel Farage says he would have been put in hospital had he got off the bus in Barnsley

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Leader of Reform UK Nigel Farage speaks during the party's...

Nigel Farage (Image: Getty)

Nigel Farage fears he would have been hospitalised if he’d got off the bus in Barnsley this morning.

A thug threw “cement” at the Reform UK leader as the battle bus toured the Yorkshire town.

And Mr Farage blamed a “violent left-wing mob” for the “nasty” incident.”

He said those who attack politicians should be jailed.

Mr Farage said of the attack: “It was pretty nasty in Barnsley this morning. Thank god for the local police.

“We were on a big open top bus and I was going to get off and walk through the main square.

“The police did tip us off very early that that would not be a very good idea.

“A mob came along. Protest is allowed. Protest is part of the democratic process.

“Protest needs to be within certain bounds and reason. Protest does not involve chucking cement towards me, or even stones at the bus.

“That is violent protest. You might agree with me or disagree with me, that’s fine. I don’t mind if someone shouts something rude at me in the street, I will probably shout it back.

“But when it comes to violence, that actually poses a threat to the entire democratic process.

“That was pretty nasty this morning. Had I got off this bus, I would probably be in hospital.

“That’s how nasty this is. I had a similar incident last week.

“There is an attempt to shut me down. There is an attempt by a violent left-wing mob, who by the way didn’t come from Barnsley.

“I am so used to it. I have lived with this longer than anybody.

“I am not going to left a bunch of students, whose brain have been poisoned at university, with their left-wing ethos close down democratic debate in this country. If they think they can frighten me, they are wrong.

The Reform party leader was shaking his fist to acknowledge cheers from people below when something hit the side of the vehicle.

Mr Farage raised his arm as he spotted the object flying in - but it missed him.

The incident comes after a woman threw a milkshake over Mr Farage last week in Clacton in Essex - the constituency he will contest in the election.

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