NHS fails to tackle racist discrimination as one-third of ethnic minority staff face abuse

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The has systematically failed to tackle and abuse amongst staff, as one-third of black and ethnic minority health workers have suffered this type of bullying. Levels of harassment have not improved over the past five years, as nearly 30 percent of minority staff being abused in this way compared to 20 percent of white employees.

Ethnic minority staff make up almost 25 percent of the NHS workforce, yet they occupy only 10 percent of senior positions, according to an NHS flagship report.

One nurse spoke to The Independent, saying she had given up her job due to the levels of bullying she endured.

Another left the NHS in order to work in the private sector due to the detrimental effect of discrimination on her mental health.

The organisation Equality for Black Nurses has launched 200 cases of alleged racism against a number of NHS trusts since it was founded in 2020.

Senior patient on bed talking to African American

NHS black and ethnic minority workers experience significant discrimination (Image: Getty)

Founder Neomi Bennett told the publication: "Racism is driving nurses out of the NHS.

"I see day in and day out the effects of racial bullying and how this impacts nurses across the UK.

"The bullying of Black nurses has reached pandemic levels and goes unchallenged.

"However, there is a clear difference in experiences when comparing Black nurses’ difficulties to white nurses."

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NHS workers are already facing hardships regarding pay disputes (Image: Getty)

She added that the issue of racism was "systematic and deeply embedded" within the NHS and claimed organisational structure allowed this discrimination to happen.

Ahead of the release of the health service's annual Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) report, The Independent has revealed that although the number of ethnic minority staff in the NHS has increased by 100,000 since 2018, hospitals are struggling to make progress on equality.

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medical team nurse briefing

Ethnic minority staff also occupy fewer senior positions than white staff (Image: Getty)

Only two-fifths of staff have reported that their hospital provides equal opportunities for all staff.

According to internal NHS survey figures female workers of colour experienced the highest levels of discrimination in 2022.

White staff are also noticeably more likely to be hired than their ethnic-minority counterparts across over two-thirds of trusts.

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