The journalist, widely regarded as Britain's toughest political interrogator, said that "however high taxes have risen under the Tories, they will rise even higher under Labour".

08:09, Sun, Jun 4, 2023 | UPDATED: 08:15, Sun, Jun 4, 2023

Andrew Neil grills Streeting on cost of abolishing top rate of tax

Andrew Neil has warned of "tax-bomb surprises" if Sir Keir Starmer takes the keys to No 10 at the next general election.

The veteran journalist conceded that taxes have risen to a 70-year high under the Tories.

But Mr Neil said "one thing" is sure that "however high taxes have risen under the Tories, they will rise even higher under Labour".

The broadcaster said Sir Keir's party has so far been "coy" about what taxes it would put up.

He said Labout has focused on those "that don't affect the majority of taxpayers but stick it to traditional Left-wing hate targets" such as private schools and the non-dom tax status.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Mr Neil said: "But taxing Labour's usual suspects will pay for only a fraction of the spending spree on which Labour will embark should it win the next election."

He highlighted how the party has promised £28 billion a year on green investments, £8 billion for a National Wealth Fund, a GB Energy Bank

Mr Neil also said Labour would "almost certainly" pump out billions more for schools, hospitals, social care and welfare benefits despite being "vague about its intentions".

He warned that tax rises on non-doms and private schools would not cover the cost.

The broadcaster said: "It's clear Labour spending will have to be financed by massive, as yet unspecified, tax rises and, for all the promises to be transparent with a properly-costed programme, are unlikely to be much specified this side of an election. So prepare for some tax-bomb surprises should Labour win."


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