Russia possesses novel and one-of-a-kind weaponry capable of annihilating any foe, including the United States, warns Nikolai Patrushev.

07:50, Wed, Mar 29, 2023 | UPDATED: 07:50, Wed, Mar 29, 2023

Kamikaze drones destroy Russian armoured vehicles in Ukraine

Nikolai Patrushev has warned that Moscow holds advanced and unparalleled weapons capable of annihilating any enemy, including the United States. In an interview with the state newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta, the Secretary of Russia's Security Council claimed that American lawmakers are duped by their own propaganda and think that the US can launch a preemptive missile attack against Russia, rendering it incapable of retaliation. Patrushev said: "American politicians trapped by their own propaganda remain confident that, in the event of a direct conflict with Russia, the United States is capable of launching a preventive missile strike, after which Russia will no longer be able to respond. This is short-sighted stupidity, and very dangerous.” He added: "Russia is patient and does not intimidate anyone with its military advantage. But it has modern unique weapons capable of destroying any adversary, including the United States, in the event of a threat to its existence."



Russia says it is capable of ‘destroying’ the US (Image: Getty)

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