Meghan Markle 'overshadowing Prince Harry's activities' with 'unfortunately timed' brand

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A royal commentator claimed Meghan's brand overshadows Prince Harry's work. (Image: Getty)

Meghan Markle's new lifestyle brand is "overshadowing Prince Harry's activities", a royal author has claimed.

Meghan launched American Riviera orchard on March 14, which Pauline MacLaran believes was "unfortunately timed" and fears did not help Prince Harry's work.

At the time, Meghan came under heavy scrutiny as the launch date coincided with the Diana Legacy Award, which honors extraordinary young people.

Her timing is still being criticised as she is yet to announce any further details following the launch nearly a month ago, leaving many questioning why she unveiled the website and Instagram account so soon.

Maclaran argued that the timing of American Riviera Orchard's launch was "unfortunate" as it came at the same time as important obligations of Harry, especially to that of his late mother, Diana.

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The royal author also said Meghan would 'leverage Hollywood connections'. (Image: Getty)

She told the Express: "It was certainly rather unfortunately timed and could be interpreted as her overshadowing his activities."

The trademark application revealed that American Riviera Orchard will sell a variety of home-making products, such as food, cookbooks, and kitchenware.

There has also been speculation over Meghan capitalising off her A-list connections and royal ties, as the branding appears very "regal".

MacLaran suggested the former actress could "leverage Hollywood connections" while also "certainly maximising her connections".


She explained: "She may leverage Hollywood connections, but I would have thought she might downplay these as the new website is certainly maximising her royal connections, and the two potentially clash as royals try to keep themselves above celebrity status."

Instead, the royal author advised Meghan to "emphasise her royal credentials" now, and wait to secure A-list ednorsement "at a later stage", which she claimed would maximise her "potential to do well".

MacLaran added: "She certainly seems to be emphasising her royal connections and, implicitly, therefore her sense of impeccable taste and the other associations that go with that, such as grandeur and heritage.

"This all has a very nostalgic and rather regal feel about it."

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